Where is Elise?

Elise is 18, alone in London and missing. Her friend, Renee, is determined to find her and bring her back to the squat they both share. But where is Elise?

Renee Searches the Streets for Elise

Renee Searches the Streets for Elise

‘Where is Elise?’ is a new black & white short film documentary by Magic Camera Productions. Subscribe to this page to get updates on screenings as they are announced, or use the above links to view stills, production details and to watch the film. Please let us know your thoughts about the film by leaving a comment!


Where is Elise at the Portobello Film Festival 2010

First Showing of ‘Where is Elise?’ at the Portobello Film Festival 2010! Please come along to support our film!

13-15 September 2010

Westbourne Studios, 242 Acklam Rd, W10 5JJ

Full programme available at http://www.portobellofilmfestival.com/index.html